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Therapy Pod Dimensions Recommended Floor Space
Solo Pod 120cm x 120cm x 80cm 1.5m³
Duo Pod 142cm x 125cm x 80cm 1.8m³
Family Pod 170cm x 165cm x 80cm 2.8m³

Therapy Pod

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Filled with premium Sensory™ Foam, Therapy Pod is impossibly comfy and designed for the modern day lounger.

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Solo Pod
120cm x 120cm x 80cm
Ideal for:

  • 1 child/teenager
  • 1 smaller adult

Duo Pod
142cm x 125cm x 80cm
Ideal for:

  • 2 children/teenagers
  • 2 cosy adults

Family Pod
170cm x 165cm x 80cm
Ideal for:

  • 3 children/teenagers
  • 2 adults and 1 child
  • 1 large adult

*please note that as the Therapy Pod is filled with crumbed foam and is an irregular shape, dimensions given are approximate and may vary slightly from your Therapy Pod

The foam filling
Filled with premium Australian-manufactured polyurethane foam. Crumbed to perfection in various sizes.

The inner pod
100% high grade polyester fabric

The cover
Microsuede with a durable backing

Made in Sydney, Australia

We offer free  delivery to anywhere in Australia via Australia Post

Always use Therapy Pod with its cover. To clean, unzip the cover by attaching a paperclip to the child resistant zipper and machine wash in cold water on a gentle cycle then air dry.

Therapy Pod should be maintained by regularly "fluffing" it back up after long periods of sitting to ensure it maintains its fullness.

Australian made

10 Year warranty

Free delivery

Machine washable covers

Calming Comfort

Therapy Pod conforms to your body and provides proprioceptive sensory input to help relax the nervous system and calm the mind.

A soft, yet supportive cloud

Therapy Pod is impossibly comfy. The secret sauce is in our famous Sensory™ Foam. It’s a unique blend of crumbed foam that’s not too firm and not too soft, making it juuuust right. Throw out your old sofa and join the pod revolution.

Built to last

Don’t be fooled. Therapy Pod is NOT a bean bag. We use a super durable inner lining and washable cover to ensure there’s no spills or mess. Our Sensory Foam™ is manufactured right here in Australia and will never go flat.*
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Size Guide

Therapy Pod Dimensions Recommended Floor Space
Solo Pod 120cm x 120cm x 80cm 1.5m³
Duo Pod 142cm x 125cm x 80cm 1.8m³
Family Pod 170cm x 165cm x 80cm 2.8m³

Frequently asked questions

What is the warranty on Therapy Pod?

Therapy Pod comes with a 10 year warranty. The foam within will never go completely flat* as long as Therapy Pod is well maintained.

Misusing or mistreating your Therapy Pod will immediately void this incredible warranty.

For the full terms and conditions of Therapy Pod's warranty, read here.

What's inside my Therapy Pod?

Therapy Pod is filled with Australian made Sensory™ Foam.

It's extremely durable and allows you to "float" on the Therapy Pod. We spent months working on it to get the goldilocks formula just right so that you have the comfiest and most relaxing experience of your life.

Too small and soft and there woudn't be enough "bounce" in the foam. Too large and firm and you wouldn't sink in enough.

What is the difference between Therapy Pod and a bean bag?

Traditional bean bags are low quality and filled with cheap polysterene beans. Unlike regular bean bags, the advantages of Therapy Pod are:

  • conforms to your body shape, giving you the perfect amount of cushioning and support without making you sore
  • never needs to be topped up
  • quiet, and doesn't make any "crunching" noises
  • super durable and doesn't put any strain on your body
  • How often do I need to refill the foam in my Therapy Pod?

    Never! As long as your Therapy Pod is properly maintained by regularly "fluffing" it up. Unlike traditional bean bag beans, our Sensory™ Foam will never go completely flat.

    Can I wash my cover?

    Absolutely. We recommend washing in cold water on a gentle cycle, then hang drying.

    How do I set up my Therapy Pod?

    To set up your Therapy Pod, refer to the instructional video here

    Are Therapy Pods loud like bean bags?

    Therapy Pods are filled with foam which is extremely quiet and unlike traditional bean bag beans, does not make loud "crunching" noises.

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