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Can I claim NDIS Funds for Therapy products?

If you have NDIS funding, you may be able to claim funds to purchase weighted Therapy Blankets, sensory Therapy Pods, and accessories.

We are registered with Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG #310417) which makes it easier to claim NDIS funds. Note: Registration on the ARTG does not represent endorsement from the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Many customers have claimed under "consumables," as it's easier for those who are self-managed.

Be sure to double check with the NDIS office for any changes on what you are able to claim.


For NDIS participants who are plan-managed by an agency or third party: The payment for products will be made directly by the plan manager. To proceed with your order, please fill out the required information, including your NDIS details and the email address of your plan manager. After we send them an invoice and receive payment, we will process your order.


If you are a self-managed NDIS participant: You have the option to order directly online and claim your payment back, or fill out the form below to receive an invoice for payment. By submitting the form, you give consent for the processing of your personal data in accordance with our privacy policy and for receiving marketing communications.

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