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Frequently asked questions

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Delivery & Shipping

When will my order be dispatched?

Orders made before 12pm will be dispatched on the same day.

Please note there may be delays during large sale periods.

For any pre-orders, please refer to the specific product page for an ETA shipping date. ETA shipping date is an estimate and is subject to change. Orders will be dispatched as soon as stock arrives at our warehouse.

When will I receive my order?

You will receive your order within 2 - 6 business days depending on your location.

*As you know, across the country we are all managing with the sustained challenges of the COVID pandemic. With some 15 million people on lockdown, Australia Post is under increased pressure with staff shortages and facility closures. There may be some delays in delivering your orders, and we are very sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Express Post is estimated to be delivered within 1-2 business days after dispatch.

New Zealand Orders - express shipping is available and estimated to take 2-7 business days.
*Please note that some orders may experience delays due to having to clear NZ Customs.

Delivery on a scheduled day can never be guaranteed, please order several days before you need the items. When shipping outside Australia to New Zealand, Therapy Blanket nor their carriers are responsible for border controls delays or with customs authorities.

Please use the Australia Post Calculator to estimate your delivery time and enter Minchinbury, NSW, 2770 as the address origin.

Is delivery free?

We offer free shipping for orders over $100 to most areas. This does not apply to Therapy Pod deliveries outside metro Sydney and Melbourne postcodes.
Shipping to WA, NT, TAS and other postcodes may incur shipping fees, calculated at checkout.

For our New Zealand customers we offer express delivery at a flat rate of $70 for all of our products except Therapy Pods and Ottomans.

Will I get a notification when my delivery is on its way?

Yes, you will receive an email with status updates of your delivery. If you have given your mobile number during the checkout then you will also receive SMS updates.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we currently offer shipping to New Zealand for a flat rate of $70.

Please note that we will not be responsible for any import duty or GST that may be payable in your country.

Can I cancel or change an order after it has been placed?

After completing our checkout process and your order has been confirmed, we may be unable to cancel or change your order as our system processes new orders immediately to ensure a very fast delivery service for our customers.

If you do need to change or cancel an order, please email us immediately with the subject line CHANGE or CANCEL and we will do our absolute best to carry out your request.

Due to the high volume of orders and customer support emails at the moment, we cannot guarantee a change or cancel request can be met in time.  We ask that you please select your items and place your order carefully.

Returns & Exchanges

What is your returns policy?

*Please note that our 30 day returns period does not apply to our Therapy Pods once they have been released from the vacuum seal and have expanded. At this point, this item is no longer in an unused state and cannot be returned or exchanged.

Returns for all other products must be filed within 30 days of receiving your item.

We've partnered with Refundid to provide you with instant refunds before you've even sent back your order!

If more than 30 days have passed since your item was delivered, unfortunately we cannot issue a refund.  If you've had your blanket beyond the 30 day trial period and begin experiencing issues, our warranty may cover a  replacement but not a refund.

Items including blankets, covers and sleep masks must be returned in the original unused condition that they arrived in - free from any human and animal hair, stains, smells/odours, debris or soilage and in the original packaging with all of the original insert cards included. Items that do not meet these conditions will not be eligible for a refund. Therapy Blanket reserves the right to apply a 50% fee to items that are returned below new condition.

You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item. Any shipping costs will not be refunded.

The above policy does not impact your rights under the Australian Consumer Law and Regulations.

See our full terms and service for more information.

How do I return something?

To start your return, please click below:


Don't want to use Refundid? Please email to begin the return process.

Please note: Therapy Pods cannot be returned via Refundid. Please email to return these items.

How long will it take to receive my refund?

For successful returns, your refund will be issued once your return has arrived at our warehouse and has been inspected. It can take 3-5 business days for the refund to be reflected on your original payment method,

Refund Requests during Bundle Sale - The refund will be issued as a store credit that can be used to purchase Therapy products.

How do I get an instant refund with Refundid?

Refundid provides shoppers instant refunds for their online returns. No need to wait for your order to be shipped back and checked before you’re issued a refund. Use Refundid to get your refund before you’ve even sent back your items.

With Refundid your refund appears in your account in under 30 seconds.

Click here to get started!

Please note: Therapy Pods cannot be returned via Refundid. Please email to return these items.

Billings & Payments

How do I pay for my order?

We accept Mastercard, VISA, Amex, Diners Club, Paypal, Afterpay, Zip and Klarna. For security reasons we do not accept payments over the phone.

Can I combine discount offers?

No, discount offers cannot be stacked unless specified. Please contact our support team if you have any questions.

Do I need to have an existing Afterpay account?

You can apply for a new Afterpay account during the checkout. You will be redirected to Afterpay's website to complete this action.

Weighted Blanket

What are the dimensions of the Therapy Blanket?

The Child Blanket is approximately 102cm wide and 152cm in length.

The Adult Blanket is approximately 122cm wide and 198cm in length.

The Queen sized blanket is approximately 152cm wide and 203cm in length.

The King sized blanket is approximately 205cm wide and 223cm in length.

The Super King sized blanket is approximately 205cm wide and 256cm in length.

Can I claim my Therapy Blanket through my NDIS plan?

You may be able to. If you require an Invoice for insurance claim purposes, please email

The Therapy Blanket is registered on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. If you require the ARTG number, please reference ARTG 310417.

Note: Registration on the ARTG does not represent endorsement from the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Can I wash my Therapy Blanket?

Yes!  For longevity purposes, we ask that you please hand-wash the blankets with a mild detergent and then air dry. Never put the any Therapy products into a heated dryer. 

Our materials are antimicrobial so they don’t need to be washed very frequently, and they are also hypoallergenic. The cover is meant to be washed much more frequently than the heavy weighted blanket for your convenience.

Will the blanket be too hot?

If you are a hot sleeper or live in a warm environment, our Bamboo Weighted Blanket is perfect for you. Our eco-friendly bamboo fabric is incredibly breathable and uses moisture wicking technology to keep you feeling cool and stress free all night.

Is the blanket still effective when shared between couples?

We would suggest that you purchase 2 blankets in order to get the complete experience and the full benefits of Deep Touch Pressure.

If sharing between two people, we would recommend purchasing our King or Super King sized weighted blankets.

Which blanket weight should I purchase?

We generally recommend purchasing a blanket weight that is around 10% of your body weight. Please refer to the weight guide which can be found here.

Those with pre-existing medical conditions should consult their doctor for advice on whether a weighted blanket is suitable for them.

Therapy Pod

How is my Therapy Pod delivered?

The Therapy Pod gets shrunk & vacuum packed to a fraction of its original size, then is delivered to your door in a box. We recommend deciding where you want to place your Therapy Pod first as it will begin to expand once you open and release the pod from its packaging.

Please note that our 30 day trial does not apply to our Therapy Pods.  Once your Pod has been released from the vacuum seal and has expanded, returns and exchanges are not possible. We ask that you please refer to our size guide when choosing your Therapy Pod.

How do I set up my Therapy Pod?

For help with setting up your Therapy Pod, refer to this instructional video.

How do I sit more upright on my Therapy Pod?

To sit more upright, ensure that your Therapy Pod is positioned with the logo facing forward. For example, if you are watching television, you'll want to have the logo face the TV.

Use your fists to form an indentation approximately 1/3 of the way on the top of your Pod. This indentation will be your sitting position and allows the back of your Pod to give you additional back support.

How do I lay more horizontally?

If you've purchased a larger Therapy Pod, you may want to lie down at more of an angle rather than sitting upright.

To do this, flip your Therapy Pod onto its back so that the logo is facing the ceiling. The side with the logo will now be your laying position as it provides greater surface area.

How do I unzip my Therapy Pod

You may notice your Therapy Pod has a slider but no pull tab on its zipper. We fit our Therapy Pods with child resistant zippers to prevent small children from climbing inside and accessing the foam filling.

To unzip, simply attach a a paperclip, keyring or other thin object to the slider where the pull tab would normally be. Ensure that the paperclip is inserted below the "lever" of the slider so that it is able to be pulled.

Can I wash the cover?

Absolutely. We recommend either hand washing or machine washing in cold water on a gentle cycle, then hang drying.

How often do I need to refill the foam in my Therapy Pod?

Never! As long as your Therapy Pod is properly maintained by regularly "fluffing" it up. Unlike traditional bean bag beans, our Sensory™ Foam will never go completely flat.

How do I maintain my Therapy Pod?

To keep your Therapy Pod as full as possible, we recommend that you regularly "fluff" it back up after long periods of sitting on it, by shaking, flipping and massaging the foam inside.

Doing so causes air to re-enter the foam pieces, allowing them to expand and prevents the foam from being compacted for too long.

What if I want to take out some of the foam?

We to try to fill every Therapy Pod to the ideal level of foam.  However, we understand that some people may prefer a little bit less foam inside their Pod. 

Simply unzip the child resistant zipper with a paperclip and remove as much foam as you'd like until it meets your comfort preference. We recommend storing this foam in a plastic bag somewhere in case you ever feel like adding it back in to your Pod.

Can I use my Therapy Pod outdoors?

Our new waterproof covers allow you to enjoy your Therapy Pod outdoors and around the pool.

For all other covers, while you can use them outdoors we don't recommend leaving them outside as it means you'll have to wash your cover more frequently due to the greater likelihood that it will get dirty more quickly.

We do not recommend leaving your Therapy Pod in wet conditions.

What countries is Therapy Pod available in?

Unlike our other products, Therapy Pod is currently only available in Australia.

Acupressure Mat

What are the dimensions of the Therapy Acupressure Mat?

The Therapy Mat measures approximately 67cm x 41cm.

The included pillow measures approximately 37cm x 15cm

Does the Therapy Mat hurt?

Therapy Mat uses the principle of Acupressure - which can be a powerful treatment. It's common to feel a warm and slightly sharp sensation in the first few minutes of treatment. This is due to increased circulation in the areas being treated as well as built up tension being released. 

Over time, you should feel very little discomfort, with regular Therapy Mat users feeling no discomfort at all.

Can I wash my Therapy Mat?

The Therapy Mat is safe for washing. Please ensure you take out the inner foam before washing.

Use soap to hand wash the mat in lukewarm water and allow to air dry.

How long should I use my Therapy Mat for?

We recommend using your Therapy Acupressure Mat every 2nd day to start off with and then every day once you get more adjusted to it. 

We recommend session lengths of 10 - 20 minutes for each body part if working on the back or neck/shoulders. If working on the feet or legs we recommend 5 - 10 minutes. This is just a guideline and you may wish increase/decrease your sessions depending on personal preference.

Can the Therapy Mat be used by children?

Yes it most certainly can. Many children use our mats with great results as it helps them to calm down and really relax.

Sleep Mask

Will the Therapy Mask fall off during my sleep?

We designed the Therapy Mask with adjustable straps so that it will fit and stay on any head - no matter what size!

What is the Therapy Mask made from?

Our weighted sleep mask is made from our famous micro plush fabric and a luxurious satin liner. The inside is weighted with glass beads and is completely safe to use for sleeping.

Will the weighted sleep mask be too heavy?

Our Therapy Mask weighs approximately 400g and is the perfect weight for heads of any size.

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