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The Adaptive™ Series

An upgrade of The Original Series, this is our most advanced & versatile design yet. It's reversible for summer/winter use and features our innovative SmartZip™ design.


The Bamboo Series

Made from 100% luxurious bamboo lyocell, this eco-friendly weighted blanket has remarkable breathability and feels amazing against the skin.


Therapy Pod

Australia's comfiest cloud. Made to change the way you relax and chill forever.


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The facts.


1 in 3 Aussies will have trouble falling asleep during the week.


Nearly 1 in 2 Australians agree that they don't get enough sleep throughout the week.


In any given year, around 33% of adults will report feeling tired throughout the day as a result of poor sleep.

The science.

Promote Deeper Sleep

Therapy Blanket simulates the feeling of being hugged. This also reduces body movement and helps to maximise relaxation, enabling you a deeper, more restful night’s sleep.

Reduce Stress & Improve Calmness

Therapy’s weighted blanket solution uses “deep touch pressure” to help stimulate pressure points on the body. This can help to improve mood, sleep and achieve a greater overall feeling of calmness.

Feel Amazing

Our engineering team obsesses over every little detail. That’s why Therapy Blanket is made from only the most groundbreaking materials designed to maximise comfort.

Technology you can feel.

The solution to a stressed out society.

We’ve got you covered.


Our team in Sydney works around the clock researching, designing and perfecting our weighted blankets.


We believe everyone should be entitled to a quality night’s sleep. So have free delivery on us wherever you are in Australia.
Please note we have to exclude WA, NT, Tasmania and some remote postcodes for free delivery of our Pods.


In the quest of helping out all stressed out Aussies achieve their sleep dreams, we’re continuously improving and fine-tuning our products.

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