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Therapy: live better, stress less, sleep well

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If you have difficulty sleeping, or feelings of anxiety, restlessness, or just a general sense of overwhelm - We get it, and we're here to help! We believe in making easy solutions accessible for anyone that’s why we put our heart and soul into creating weighted Therapy Blankets. 

So why choose Therapy? We've asked a few of our customers to share their experiences. 


Meet Sarah, she purchased the child's Bamboo Series Therapy Blanket for her 5-year old son after a recommendation from her Occupational Therapist. Her son was experiencing frustrations with learning and a sensitivity to noise, sound, light and heat as related to his central nervous system, and she worried about his happiness at school. His OT suggested the Therapy Blanket to calm his anxiety. 

“The rest is history! I can't imagine life without these beauties! It was the first time I saw my son sleep straight through in five years, and fall asleep within minutes without anxiety. He uses it every night.”

The weighted blanket worked so well that Sarah's son no longer grinds his teeth in his sleep and wakes up refreshed. After witnessing the relief her son felt, Sarah purchased another blanket for her husband, who was suffering from a lingering 18- month illness. 

“My husband has the 10kg blanket, and I have the 7kg blanket. We both sleep soundly every night without waking. It's amazing what a difference it's made to us all.”

Sveta decided to try a weighted therapy blanket for herself after her sister, who works in the mental health field, recommended it. Since she added the 5kg adult-sized Adaptive Series Therapy Blanket to her sleep routine, she no longer worries about being fatigued during the day.

“It helps me sleep straight through the night without waking up on numerous occasions. I feel relieved and refreshed. After suffering from anxiety for years, finally... a solid night of sleep. 


When you feel this good about something, it's hard to keep it to yourself. I've told all my friends and family about Therapy, and thanked my sister for advising me on how good they are!"

Now, it never leaves her bed. She also did a lot of research prior to purchasing, looking at various sites on google and reading many product reviews. Therapy Blankets ticked all the boxes in her sustainable and low-tox lifestyle. Specifically, she loved the fabric of breathable natural fibers and supporting an Australian company.

“Supporting local is important to our family. Also, Therapy's quilt was sewn into smaller sections, so the beads don't move around as much as others. These beads are more natural too compared to alternative cheap options.


The information about weight, height and sizing was very thorough, which made it easy for me to select the options for our family members. Other brands didn't deliver this information clearly for an informed and safe decision” 

With every purchase you make, you support a charitable contribution through i=change. You can choose where our donation goes at the checkout. Throughout the year, we may rotate the charities we support but we will always support these 3 - Beyond Blue, The Women’s Foundation, and the Australian Childhood Foundation. 

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