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Therapy: Let's Get Comfortable.

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Get Comfortable Therapy Blanket Blog

At Therapy, our aim is to help Australians feel good.

You deserve it. Simple enough, right? We see you out there with your busy life, working hard, pushing through the noise, and we support you. We know how important your sleep is. You need time to dream and relax, but insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, and frequent waking - these are the sworn enemies of refreshing nights of slumber. Proper rest is vital to both our physical and mental health. Poor sleep quality can increase blood pressure, impair immunity, lead to depression and even contribute to obesity. It also leaves you grumpy and unproductive!

Do you toss and turn, peeping at the clock as you wake up yet again? Are you unable to relax and turn off your thoughts of worry or stress? Just can't seem to get comfortable in a position that works for you? Well, we can help. It's what we do. Our mission is to deliver a better quality of sleep to the millions of stressed-out Australians across the nation, and we've been doing that very successfully since day one. We'd love to help you, too.

Our Therapy Blankets, Therapy Pods and Therapy Pillows

are created with your ultimate comfort in mind. We've done our research, too. Did you know that more than a third of all Australians experience difficulty with their sleep routine each week? After combing through the possible tools available and studying the anecdotal evidence of some methodologies used regularly by Occupational Therapists, we were determined to bring them to the masses affordably and without sacrificing one bit of quality. We've also ticked the box on making them look stylish, so they fit into your home seamlessly and are enticing to use.

Our Therapy Blanket is a soothing and luxurious cocoon of individually weighted pockets that provide the user with deep pressure stimulation (DPS). Sounds magic, right? What we know is this sustained firm pressure can help to release serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps to regulate brain function and assist with sensory modulation and regulation. Think of a baby being swaddled, or resting under a heavy blanket with a storm raging outside. Soothing, comforting, relaxing. Some of our customers sleep under their Therapy blankets every night, and some simply use them when they nap or relax for their calming effects. How will you use yours?

"I tried all kinds of sleeping pills to help me fall asleep. A friend recommended Therapy to me and now I'm having the best sleeps I've had in years. Really happy with my purchase!" -Samantha

What's a Therapy Pod? Glad you asked!

It's our dreamy soft seating/lounging/working/napping cloud made from ultra-supportive premium sensory foam that we've encased in a durable capsule. A bit like floating, the crumbed foam interior holds your weight and spreads it out among the pieces within, which leaves the user feeling supported, calm, and very comfortable indeed. In keeping with our mission, we designed this to make your life better, but a warning for you – this will quickly become the most popular spot in the house, so be prepared! We've even had customers (several of them) chuck out their sofas and replace them with Therapy Pods!

"Everyone in our family loves this, the kid's race in the door after school to dibs the pod. I think everyone has 'accidentally' fallen asleep in this fantastic addition to our home. We have an ADHD, ODD and evolving anxiety child hoping to see some huge benefits for him." -Ally

Pillows have a considerable effect on your quality of rest and well being. How can you sleep well if your neck isn't properly aligned with your spine? Thing is, you can't. One size surely doesn't fit all, so we developed our Therapy Pillow to be adjustable. One side offers a firmer experience with a cooling gel insert, and a simple flip changes the pillow to pure memory foam for a softer feel and less support, ideal for stomach sleepers. Quality? Check. Value? Check. A good night's sleep for you? Definite check.

"This is the best pillow I have ever purchased.

It is firm, but just the right amount of firmness. It is also soft, but it gives you perfect support. I highly recommend it, and will definitely purchase again." -Eka

You'll love Therapy because of the seamless way it fits into your life. We're even accessible for NDIS participants through their plans. Pack your blanket in your car for travel and move it from room to room. Use your pod as an alternative to your desk, or take it outside for your morning sunshine and coffee. Some of our happiest clients include daycares, universities, schools and flexible co-working spaces.

Go ahead. Give us a go. Isn't it time you felt good, stressed less and slept better?

All of our products are washable, durable and ship free Australia-wide*

Did you know that we have partnered with i=Change so you can make an impact with every purchase? We believe in our collective power to transform the future, so we make it easy. Simply choose a recipient from our list for a direct donation, thanks to you!

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