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Give the gift of a knitted Therapy Blanket 🎁

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The weighted blanket that looks as good as it feels!

With the silly season sneaking up, it’s time to get serious about sorting your Christmas shopping list. Curious about weighted blankets and keen to find one that makes a great gift? This Christmas, no matter who you're buying for, a therapy blanket will make a cosy and chic present all your family and friends will love. The Therapy Woven Weighted Blanket is a stylish knitted blanket with all the “feels” of a regular weighted blanket plus seriously luxe looks. Totally insta-worthy, the open weave construction of this knitted blanket has the added benefit of allowing more air circulation and keeping you cool as a cucumber in the summer months. Made from an exceptionally soft outer layer of spandex, the blanket also has an amazing amount of stretch and recovery. The Therapy Woven Weighted Blanket swaps the usual bead weights for a plush and pliable recycled poly interior that will transport you from chaos to calm in no time at all. It’s also super-durable a huge plus considering how much you’ll be wanting to use it. The hardest thing is deciding which of the three gorgeous hues to pick from.

What are the benefits of a weighted blanket and is a woven or knitted blanket the same?

Its chunky knit texture makes it a statement piece for your bed or couch, but the Therapy Woven Weighted Blanket also has all the therapeutic benefits of a regular quilt-style weighted blanket.

So what exactly are the benefits of weighted blankets?

For many people, weighted therapy blankets have provided some much-needed help to relieve stress and promote healthy sleep "habits. Lots of scientific investigations are underway, with currentresearch suggesting they could also be beneficial for all sorts of conditions, from anxiety and insomnia to autism and ADHD.
In short, the Therapy Woven Weighted Blanket has the same advantages as a regular therapy blanket and can be a wonderful aid to help you: - calm down and feel less anxious in stressful situations take time out from your daily routine to relax - fall asleep more quickly and experience a deeper sleep-wake up feeling refreshed and energetic - enjoy a general sense of wellbeing.
b The way that weighted therapy blankets work is by creating the feeling of being hugged or held and applying a gentle, evenly distributed pressure to your body to help you drift off to sleep.

The practical and stylish weighted blanket

The savvy Scandinavians know a thing or two about creating a healthy home haven with their concept of “hygge” (comfort, cosiness and contentment) having taken off all around the world. With its chunky, textured design and stunning Scandi aesthetic, the Therapy Woven Weighted Blanket will have you feeling hygge-happy in no time at all. Blissfully soft and seriously snuggly, the blanket is the ultimate accessory for creating an oasis of calm in your living room or bedroom – just take a moment to think about how amazing it would be to bundle up in something that feels like a body-sized jumper. While creating a luxurious space to relax at home tops the list of many people’s decorating goals, they understandably want great design to complement comfort. The Therapy Woven Weighted Blanket is a statement piece with textured good looks that add a touch of style to your lounge room or bedroom so you can easily enjoy the calming benefits and glam up your space at the same time. It can be layered over bed linen or styled as a throw on a couch or armchair when it's not being used. With a woven therapy blanket, you’re giving the gift of both comfort and style.

Knitted therapy blankets are a practical choice for all seasons

So it’s a win-win in the style and comfort stakes, but what about the heat factor? Most therapy blankets are created in a similar way to a bedspread, coverlet or comforter with a quilted and tightly woven design. The Therapy Woven Weighted Blanket has an open-weave, knitted surface that lets the air flow through, allowing you to curl up and get cosy without worrying about getting hot or sweaty. The blanket can be used all through the year but truly comes into its own during the summer when the weather warms up and you want a cover or throw with a touch more built-in breathability. And being made of supple spandex means you can dial up the cool by giving your blanket an extra stretch.

Why a knitted therapy blanket is the perfect Christmas gift

If you're thinking of giving someone special a weighted blanket this Christmas, your search is over – this good-looking blanket ticks all the boxes! These textured and tactile lovelies make amazing presents for that special friend or family member who could do with some calming vibes. Unique and functional, they’re a keepsake blanket with so many extra benefits and are the perfect accessory to cosy up with while listening to music, kicking back with a cuppa or streaming your favourite series. Or perhaps you want to treat yourself? No judgement here - it’s been a helluva year and who couldn’t do with a special self-care pressie?! The Therapy Woven Weighted Blanket comes in three fabulous colours and two convenient weights. Choose from “Adult 7kg” and “Queen 9kg” designs, both in a striking “Heavenly Blue”, dreamy “Peach pink”, or elegant “Pebble Grey”. Learn more about these knitted beauties and Therapy’s full range of blankets, pillows, pods and accessories here.

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