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Body Weight Blanket Weight Blanket Size
50 - 85Kgs 9 Kgs 152cm x 203cm
85+ Kgs 11 Kgs 152cm x 203cm

Queen Therapy Blanket

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Our famous premium weighted Therapy Blanket now comes in an XL size. Ease stress, increase calmness and get deep, uninterrupted sleep. Perfect for stress-heads who are on the larger side, our queen sized weighted blankets measure approximately 152cm x 203cm. Available in our new & improved Adaptive™ Series, they feature our innovative SmartZip™ design, reversible cover and micro-pocket weight distribution, giving you a better quality night's rest.


1 x Inner Weighted Blanket
1 x Blanket Cover

*Please view our weight guide for recommended weights. As the weight is distributed over a larger surface area, the recommended guidelines are slightly different to our suggestions for the single Adult sized weighted blankets.

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30 Night Trial

Try it in your own home for 30 nights.

Machine Washable Cover

For easy cleaning


For sensitive skin


For peace of mind

Feels like a big hug

Therapy Blanket utilises deep touch pressure to gently distribute pressure evenly across your body, promoting a deeper more restful night’s sleep.

The result is a natural reduction in stress and increase in calmness while also promoting more positive mood and relaxation

Weighted for complete sensory calmness

Therapy Blanket’s weighted filling uses Dura-bead™ technology. It's a unique high density glass micro-bead that stays quiet even when moving around. They’re non-toxic, food grade and odourless making them the perfect choice for blanket filling.

The density of the beads adds weight to the blanket while also being small and soft, creating an amazing texture.

THERA-TEX™ for all year round comfort

The Therapy team spends countless hours researching the best materials to help you fall asleep faster.

For Therapy’s blanket cover, we designed it to be reversible with one side made from our ultra comfy micro-plush fabric that's soft as butter - perfect for the colder months. The other side is made from our luxurious and ultra breathable bamboo lyocell fabric - with a cooling effect that's ideal for the warmer months. The outer cover is also easily removable, revealing a weighted inner blanket made from premium long staple cotton.

The result? A blanket that feels as amazing as it looks.

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choosing your blanket

Body Weight Blanket Weight Blanket Size
50 - 85Kgs 9 Kgs 152cm x 203cm
85+ Kgs 11 Kgs 152cm x 203cm

Frequently asked questions

What are the dimensions of the Therapy Blanket?

The Adult Blanket is approximately 122cm wide and 198cm in length.

The Child Blanket is approximately 102cm wide and 152cm in length.

The Queen sized blanket is approximately 152cm wide and 203cm in length.

Is the blanket machine washable?

Yes, both the inner blanket as well as the outer blanket cover are machine washable!

Will the blanket be too hot?

The blanket cover is designed to keep you warm during the colder months but is completely removable as a way to keep cool during Australia's warmer months.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to all states and territories across Australia.

When will I receive my order?

Orders made before 12pm on weekdays are dispatched on the same day. Once your order is confirmed, please allow 2-7 business days for delivery.

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